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Thank you for voluntering your time to help your content creator create high quality transcripts of their videos to share. Please note this is an early release of the software. Feedback and suggestions are warmly welcome.

Scriptorium works by taking youtube videos and splitting them into smaller pieces and each of these pieces can be worked on by many people at the same time, allowing a video to be checked and properly transcribed in a very short period of time.

To begin, click on Jobs which shows available videos for transcription. The statistics showing the number of units the video consists of is displayed, as well as the current progress.

Once you have located the video you wish to help transcribe, click on the title to view the available jobs list

A job is split into smaller units, and by clicking on 'Start Next Available Unit' the system will automatically get the next unit for you to help proof/transcribe. A page will display showing the job and unit you are working on, as well as any assistance information such as spelling of names that Youtube did not transcribe correctly. You will have 30 minutes in which to complete the transcription and click 'Save' once done.

Youtubes embedded player can be a bit difficult to navigate and clicking repeat will play the video from the beginning. To work around this issue you can click on the 'Pop Out Viewer' that will open the section of the video you are working on in another window. We strongly recommend you resize your windows so both are on the screen at the same time and do not overlap. If you need to view the video again simply close it and re-open the pop out viewer to repeat the playback of the video until you are satisfied with your corrected (if any) text.

Once done remember to click on Save.

Scriptorium Monk At Work Image Credit : mediawiki